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My Design Principles

The principles and values that guide my work as a UX Designer.

Be accessible

Accessible design is good design. Design for differences to design for all.

Be collaborative

Build a safe space where ideas can be exchanged freely and new perspectives can be brought to the table. Leverage and learn from your teammates' strong suits and create buy-in from different teams and stakeholders.

Be consistent

Make it easier for users to accomplish their goals and complete task through consistent design. This applies to content, UI patterns, visual language, component libraries, and the overall structure of the product.

Be inclusive

Celebrate diversity and place people at the heart of the design process. Be welcoming and accommodate for all users by providing flexibility of use and customization options to fit the needs of all.

Be a problem finder

Find the right problem to solve before coming up with a particular solution. Listen to users, challenge assumptions, and be creative in your approach to to find the right problem statement. Don't waste time solving the wrong problem.

Be trustworthy

Provide users with the information and tools they need to accomplish their goals in a convenient and consistent way. Show users you care by avoiding dark patterns, providing a human connection, and empowering them with the ability to control their own experience.

Design with empathy

The only way you can make people's lives better is to truly understand their stories and lived experiences. Don't be afraid to step outside the box to understand someone's perspective, motivations, goals, or context of use. Don't stop asking questions until you understand who you're designing for, and why.

Do no harm

Good design causes no harm. Consider any potential effects, whether positive or negative, that your design has directly on users or indirectly on other people. Create positive experiences and improve human situations.

Focus on the experience

Take a holistic approach to design and focus on people's experiences using your product, not just their ability to accomplish tasks.


Everyone knows something you don't and anyone can contribute to great design. Different backgrounds and experiences can provide a fresh perspective or a unique way of looking at a problem.

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