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Nice to meet you!

I'm Kristen: a designer, empath, advocate, and life-long learner.

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About Me

I approach every day with compassion, an open-mind, and a healthy dose of curiosity. I apply these same principles to my design process, with the intention of creating meaningful  experiences for all. I enjoy crafting solutions for real problems and would rather focus on how or why a solution might work, rather than why it won't. 

My background in human rights and advocacy fuels my belief that technology should be used to make the world a better place. I want to listen to understand, empower users to achieve their goals, and use storytelling to drive empathy. 

Currently learning

LearnUI visual design

Currently dabbling in

Daily UI challenges

100 Days of Doodles

Currently advocating for

Wellbeing and a better employee experience

Currently reading

Extra Bold: a feminist, inclusive, anti-racist, nonbinary field guide for graphic designers

When I'm not pushing pixels, I'm ...

  • mentoring Designers on ADPList
  • scouring Seattle for Texas-worthy breakfast tacos 
  • listening to a true crime or comedy podcast  (The Alarmist is my current fave) 
  • settling in to a good book  (any suggestions?)
  • finding my new favorite coffee shop
  • traveling the PNW with my two Golden Retriever pups
Kristen with coffee
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